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AQT Water Management is a growth oriented company focused on becoming the first choice for waste management and water disposal throughout North America.

As a leader in wastewater management and water disposal, AQT is a value-added component to our customers’ bottom lines. Our goal is to provide customer-driven solutions to the petroleum industry by providing professional, reliable expertise and strategies that meet regulatory and environmental requirements. AQT is committed to doing its part to support a responsible oil and gas industry that is focused on safe and environmentally sustainable operations.


AQT prides itself on its solid relationships with leading oil and gas exploration and production companies. We’ve built and are sustaining these relationships, through responsive, flexible and proactive operations. AQT’s newly developed management team will assist in driving AQT forward into new avenues of growth by partnering with producers to handle all of their water management needs, allowing customers to focus on their core competencies in oilfield exploration and production.

AQT’s value-proposition’s including 48-hour on request invoicing, 24/7 service’s, Joint Venture Partnerships and trucker’s lounges have set AQT apart from the competition. Combined with our ability to be responsive to the needs of our customers this has enabled us to grow quickly into a dominating force in the waste water management industry.

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