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Injection Wells


Our facilities are approved by local regulatory bodies including Alberta-AER, British Columbia-BCOGC, Saskatchewan-SASK ECON and are used for the injection or disposal of sweet or sour waste streams according to each regulatory body’s specific approvals and can include:

  • Produced water and specific common oilfield waste fluids and waste streams
  • Completion fluids which includes: flowback water from fracture stimulations, recovered frac water, tank wash water, rig wash, and drilling waste leachate.
  • Blowdown waters
  • Spent workover or stimulations fluids (after neutralization or processing to recover hydrocarbons)
  • Amine filter backwash, spent sweetening agents and glycol solutions
  • All other fluids meeting specific pH, flash point, heavy metal and organic halide criteria

Aqua Terra

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