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Community Relations

Our community involvement focus follows our motto “Independently Owned, Locally Operated”.

AQT is committed to developing and maintaining meaningful, lasting relationships with our neighbours and other stakeholders that may be impacted by our operations. We also believe in treating all landowners who may be affected by our operations with honesty, fairness and respect.


As safety is our operating priority for our personnel and for the communities where we operate we are open to discuss questions or concerns at any time. If you have questions, concerns or just want to learn more about our operations please contact our community relations line.

Our commitment to community well-being and viability means that we not only hire locally – providing economic benefits to the communities where we operate, but we also support several charitable organizations across North America and local community initiatives. For more information about AQT, please contact our Community Relations Department by calling 1-780-518-7336 or by emailing us at

We can also be reached through our Community and Stakeholders contact form.

Aqua Terra

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