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Community Investment: Our Three Pillars

Aqua Terra Water Management staff take pride in taking part in the communities we reside in. These are the three pillars of community investment we focus on.


We support a wide range of charitable and community programs that encourage and empower young people to learn, build life skills and help them reach their full potential. Our support for young people in our communities focuses on programs such as:

  • Sports programs  -especially for underprivileged young people
  • Youth mentoring organizations, Four H, Big Brothers/Sisters
  • School safety/anti-bullying initiatives


Aqua Terra supports strong, healthy communities by investing in programs that promote healthy activities and wellness and encourages people to live safer, healthier lives. This is facilitated through both our contributions of time financial support to initiatives such as:

  • Workplace safety and injury prevention campaigns
  • Health education and screening programs
  • Charity runs, walks and sporting events


We invest in education by supporting young people’s pursuit of post-secondary education and through financial contributions to programs that promote science, mathematics and technology. We also support education initiatives that help sustain or increase the numbers of students who stay in school and graduate. Examples of this sort of commitment include:

  • Scholarship and bursary funding
  • Industry innovation and research programs
  • Computer and technology school donation programs
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